A Little Info About Marcus

Dr. Marcus Buckley focuses his ministry on making the Bible relevant and easy to understand.  The Lead Pastor of Oasis Church in Ormond Beach, FL, and a police chaplain for over 25 years, Marcus is a graduate of Stetson University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and earned his doctorate from North Greenville University.   Marcus and his wife Lea Ann have two daughters and a son. He is also the author of a series of espionage thrillers, “All Have Sinned” and “Labor of Fools.” The third novel in the series will be published in late 2021.

16 comments on “A Little Info About Marcus”

  1. Do you have a church home? If so, where and the times of our services. I heard you at Rymam Ridge Baptist church and would like to know more. Put me on the e-mail list. Thank You

  2. Marcus when are you going to post the whole sermon online. Even though we don,t live there anymore, we are still members of RIVERSIDE. Thanks Craig and Carol

  3. Marcus,
    Hey, this is Robert Peck, a throwback from Terry Parker Baptist. Thought I would send a quick hello. Let me know if you ever move back to Jax.

  4. Met you this morning at RBC . . . enjoyed your preaching and the members were all VERY welcoming. I look forward my (our) next visit. Keep Mustagin’ !!

  5. I read the article that mentioned your response to the name of “Jesus” being put on the back of Jerseys for Tim Tebow. I would love for you to refresh your mind and look at Exodus 20:3, 7….”3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.” I am not a fanatic of any kind but in my humble opinion putting the name of Jesus in place of a sports idol may not be a good idea. I’m not condeming people for it. I just know I wouldn’t do it and I’m a little surprised by your support of such a thing.

    1. My complete thought was not fully expressed by what was placed in the article on Yahoo.com. the original interview was done by a local FOX affiliate here in the Upstate. I do not know Tim Tebow personally, but I do know that he has gone to great lengths to proclaim his faith in Christ as the most important thing in his life. As far as I know, he is not behind the jerseys with Jesus’ name and Tebow’s number. He likely does not approve, and I wouldn’t either. The last thing any human should want is to be put on equal standing with the eternal living Word. What I said is that the impetus is not on Tebow, but on those wearing the jerseys. If they mean it in a way to glorify Christ and state that Tebow wants others to see Jesus and not him, then that’s one thing. If they are doing it in either a mocking way referring to Tebow as “Jesus”, then clearly that is blasphemous. My central point is that Tebow is taking heat for something he likely has nothing to do with, and the media has a blank check to do so because of his bold stand for Christ.

      As I said above, the original interview with me was done by a local Fox affiliate. The author of the Yahoo.com article apparently just took a loose wording of an excerpt of my comments to prove his point. He didn’t even get my city right, placing me in Greer, Colorado rather than Greer, South Carolina. My email information was sent to him with an offer to get an accurate statement, but I likely won’t hear back. I read a few of the comments which basicaly validated my thesis, with one particularly sweet poster labeling me a “cult leader”–now that’s a good one. The mainstream media prefers that “cult leaders” like me be marginalized and mocked. This does not surprise or distress me in the least, as it is exactly what Jesus said would happen. They hated Him to the point of kiliing Him; why should we as followers of Christ expect anything different? So let them think what they want and say what they say. I pray guys like Tebow continue to stand up for what’s right and not what’s popular. And i have absolutley no expectation of the media to get anything right about Biblical Christianity or those who stand for it.

  6. Greetings from Jacksonville, Fl. Your fellow brother and Deacon at Terry Parker. You are on my heart so I used this new fangled high tech way of finding you. Our son and daughter in law live in Moore, SC and our 2 granddaughters. We will retire there. Bought a foreclosure and over the years will prepare it. Still in Lay Witnessing. Our home number is 904-514-0354

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