Timing is Everything


Have you ever wondered why things happen when they do? Of all the times something could click into place, or fall apart, why now?

As I was starting to write this in my office earlier today one of the staff here at Oasis called my cell to let me know there was a vehicle in the parking lot outside. Someone in the vehicle had rang the doorbell but the staff person couldn’t get to the door. My office is at the far end of the hall and I didn’t hear it ring. I headed downstairs to see if I could catch them, and sure enough they were still in the parking lot.

I looked outside the glass door of the office and saw a late-model vehicle with four occupants, all looking down. At first I thought they were all on their phones, but as I approached I saw that their eyes were closed–they were praying. I stood there for a few moments trying to figure out how to get their attention without being intrusive when they looked up and saw me. The driver rolled down his window and introduced himself.

Patrick (not his real name) and his family are in town looking at homes. They are planning to relocate here from another state, so they are in the process of trying to find just the right place. They are a little anxious because they’re stepping out into the unknown somewhat. Their realtor attends the church I pastor (Oasis Church in Ormond Beach). Patrick and his family was telling her that one of their biggest fears was trying to find a new church home, so she told them when they move to the area they really need to give ours a try. They went by to look at a house down the street from the church, and decided to just stop by and see if anyone was here. When no one immediately came to the door, they got back in the truck and decided to pray for God’s will in the parking lot. It was at this point I had walked up.

They shared their story with me, how they are seeking to be obedient to what God is calling them to. It doesn’t make a lot of sense on the surface, they said, as they are leaving a lot of sure things for a lot more unknowns, but they are certain God is working all of these things out in His timing. I prayed with them in the parking lot, asked them to keep me in the loop, and they went on their way, encouraged by the turn of events.

Why was my blog-writing session interrupted by a seemingly random visit from people looking to relocate to our area? Because God was at work. Maybe He wanted to show Patrick and his family that He was working things out in their lives in ways beyond what they could see at the moment, but He was working nonetheless. Maybe He wanted to show me that the article I thought I needed to write should be about something else entirely. Maybe He wanted to show us that He is at work around us, in ways great and small. Maybe it’s all of this, and so much more, because He is God. And He is always at work around us.

And He is always right on time.

2 comments on “Timing is Everything”

  1. Hello Pastor Marcus, You don’t know me but I feel I know you better than some of the folks I do know. My name is Donna and I have a story… My testimony, to tell you. I have been on the mailing list for On The Mark, for a very long time, but have not received it in many years. This morning I woke up and tried to read the word but ended up praying because I felt the attack from the enemy. I rededicated my life to God this past Sunday. I was trying to leave for work but I felt prompted to check my e-mail which I had not checked in days. There I saw On The Mark and got excited because I had forgotten about it. Talk about timing… WOW is all I could say after reading your post. Gods perfect timing. I was crying by the time I finished reading. I received Christ at the age of twenty. I raised my children in church. I was involved in many activities the church was doing, including a Christmas Drive Through and many other ways to get the gospel of Jesus Christ out. Then the church fell apart and I was angry at God for, as I put it, pulling the rug out from under me. I rebelled and my fall from grace began. I was a long, long way from God when I met my present husband, Yes my rebellion led me to divorce. I had lost my job as a manager and had gotten back into house cleaning. I was leaving for work one morning when I got a call, my dad was in a comma and was not expected to live many more days. He taught me to be dependable so I went to clean the house of a couple who had devotion time in there bedroom together. I heard them pray and sing praises to God many mornings. Mr. Thomas whom has gone on to be with the Lord, met me at the door as usual. He asked how I was and I burst into tears. He took my hand and began to pray. His wife also came and joined hands in prayer. He finished and said go home you’ll know what to do. I went home and got on line and bought a ticket to fly down to Florida. When I arrived my two sisters picked me up and we went to the hospital. We were raised by an abusive step mother while our dad worked and had a social life so there was a lot of animosity that my siblings held, that Jesus had set me free of. When we got to his room and I entered I sucked in my breath and stared in freight of the sight of my father, who was just skin draped over bone. My sisters asked if I wanted coffee and I just shock my head no. My dads wife was in the room and she said I’m glad you could forgive your dad and be here. I said my dad didn’t need to be forgiven and she left the room. I was alone with him and sat on the edge of the bed beside him and took his hand. I started talking about when I was a little girl and we went to the bay and I was in the water. A fish swam by me and I grabbed and caught it. I yelled look dad I caught a fish. You said throw that down it will sting you. I was smiling from the memory and looked down. My dads eyes were open. He had been unconscious for days. I had a few moments to tell him how much I loved him and that I wasn’t mad and he could go home and be with his mom now. God knew I needed that. I got remarried after that and encouraged my husband to make amends with his dad who was in bad health. I was there when he found him after he committed suicide. After that my husband who said he did not believe in God because of Philosophy he had taken in college woke me up one Sunday morning saying you have to hear this preacher I just heard. He was so excited I said ok I will. He was on TV . I said I will watch him next Sunday with you. The next Sunday we got up and he found the station. I sat there and watched a man named Marcus Buckley preach from a church called Riverside Baptist in Greer SC. You eventually went off the air so we started getting dvd’s. We bought a house with the money my husbands dad left us and found that the property was sort of a triangle. The preacher who married us said if we my husband and I kept God at the top of the triangle we could get through anything that we had to face. We also found his dads name in the concrete on the front porch. So everything was perfect right? I had visions of inviting Riverside Baptist to do service at our beautiful lake and we would drive to Greer once and a while and join you for service. Then SLAM it all came to an abrupt holt. My husband fell at work and broke his foot off his leg. A pain pill addiction grew. We were both struggling with drug addiction. You were called away from Riverside. The DVD’s stopped and my husband became a threat to me. I cried out to God and he heard me PRAISE YOU FATHER! He will never stop pursuing His own. My husband was arrested and is facing some serious charges but we are together and I am praying for Gods will in my life. I want to be on fire for him and not a form of godliness but denying the power there of. I would ask for your church to pray for us as we set out again in pursuit of God. As I said I rededicated my life and have been under attack when I read your post about timing. You should know that your obedience to God and your faithfulness has impacted lives that you may never know about. I just want to thank you for your steadfastness in Christ. I have found you on facebook at Oasis but I have also been lead to a church on Seeoff that I love. Yes it’s the Seeoff this mountain that Edwin Mccain sings of. Thank you again Marcus. Love Your Sister In Christ Donna Dalton

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story, Donna! I’m so moved by how God has been working in your life and how He has allowed me to have a part in encouraging you with His Word. Praying for you!

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